Listen to this song and travel back in time to 1970 in Austin, Texas. In those days, if you were weird you were called a "dirty nothing." This hippie turned things around and made it cool to be weird, hosting daily concerts at the University of Texas with a desire to spark off a spiritual revolution. Listen to a song about his legacy now.

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About Me

I am Sankarshan Das. I was a popular singer-songwriter rooted in the counter-cultural era of the '60s and the early '70s. I shared the stage with such musical greats as the Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead and became an instant sensation at the University of Texas campus in 1970 with my daily concerts at the George Washington statue. I desired to bring perfect peace and happiness to the entire world through my music. I live in Austin, Texas, and regularly circle the globe to enlighten society in the most sublime peace formula.